Aji Vasahat,1-Ramnagar, Rajkot

Lab Testing & N.D.T. Instrument

NDT method is a mode to portray the system in which materials and gear can be broke down for different kinds of discontinuities. If NDT Instruments are distinguished for their nondestructive techniques for the experimentation of gear and apparatus. If instruments are sheltered to utilize and are utilized crosswise over arranged enterprises in order to infer exact results for tests done on hardware. The best part about the non-ruinous testing of these gadgets is that these don’t request the fixing of the protest in the testing techniques.

Key Points:

  • Offered with potentiality of electromagnetic technologies.
  • Fusion of power as well as functionality in all aspects.
  • Proffered with fast data acquisition with quality and accuracy.
  • Provided with modern inspection methods such as corrosion mapping, computed radiography, eddy current testing, automated ultrasonic testing etc.
Micro Balance